Day 10

The last contacts were made this morning on 20 and 40m, bringing the QSO counter to 17880 (for hf). Still waiting for the EME log (now at 300+ ! – and counting).
C8T is off the air now, the EME station will operate till 13h00z.
Getting antennas and equipment packed, and prepare for the flight home now.

Day 7

13000+ qso’s in the log now. C8T will not break records, we realise. However, big pile-ups on 15 and 12m to JA now, so catching up… Enjoying a beautiful sunrise in the mean time

Day 6

Nearly 11000 qso’s in the log. Propagation is not with us, some rare openings towards EU and JA this afternoon, NA and SA still difficult. FT8 expedition mode is helping us out. EME on 2m on the other hand is a big success , nearly 200 contacts so far, the vast majority ATNO! By tomorrow morning, the 300 mark will be made.

Day 4 Update

On the air now, a bit later than expected due to power problems. But hey, this is Africa… Watch the cluster, the bands will be activated in the coming hours. Happy hunting!