Day 5 full update

Yesterday we had a good start.

In the early morning we had all our eyes to the lowbands. 160 & 80m are weak open, but with the good working ears of our CW-ops we could make a unexpected number of Q’s on those bands.

After the grey-line we started well on the other HF-bands,… till…….. ALL power down at 8:00hr local time. The City of Bilene without electricity. With the help of the owner of our lodge, we had in short time a solution with a rented power generator(at12:00hr loc time),….but we could only work without the amplifiers.

At 13:00hr we saw the lights blink, so we had power again….

Not much later we had on the bands 12-20m a good rating of Q’s. But like we saw since the start of the dxpedition, the propagation goes as fast as she came. A even more higher noice-level as normal was noticed on all bands, especially on the lowbands. We switched during the night to FT8, because even the CW-ops couldn’t get any callsign out the noise

During the overview of our scores we concluded that especially USA is difficult to work, even we get all the times our antennas to the VOACAP-direction. Our lodge is at the South-side of a hill. We contacted the owner of that property and have the permission to use his property for 1 antenna. So, tomorrow morning we will replace our 5-band Spiderbeam to the top of that hill (120m further and 50m higher). To do this, we do the most possible effort to work USA(NA + SA) and EU.

Also our EME-system works fine,.. Marc is almost living on the beach, and he have taken the interest for EME-Q’s from a few other op’s from the team.

CU hopefully tomorrow for a new update….